Short fibernon woven geo fabric for sale in Russia is one of the our hot sale non woven geotextile product. Our short fiber non woven geo fabric is made from polyester short fiber to form strong geo fabric that retains its dimensional stability and avoids damage from construction stresses. BPM brand short fiber nonwoven geo fabric for sale is available in various strength or thickness to ensure appropriate material selection for your requirements. It offers optimum performance per unit weight which features high tensile strength and puncture resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, excellent drainage and anti-aging properties, etc. Short fiber nonwoven geo fabric for sale is widely used for filtration, separation, protection, drainage applications in civil environmental engineering and construction projects.
Our Russian customer wanted to purchase the short fiber nonwoven geo fabric for sale. Both 150g/mand 400 g/m2 geo fabrics are required. He intend to order of 300sqm geo fabric with 400 g/mas samples. Russian customer is very satisfied with the construction effect. A month later, he purchased 400g/m2 of short fiber nonwoven geo fabric with the quantity of 100,000 square meters to replenish geo fabric for sale.

Specifications of Short Fiber nonwoven Geo Fabric for sale in Russia

  • Country – Russian
  • Quantity – 100,000 square meters
  • Weight – 400gsm
  • Size: – width 6m, Length 50m
  • Color – White
short fiber non woven geo fabric
short fiber non woven geo fabric for sale
BPM short fiber non woven geo fabric for sale
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