HDPE Pond Liner India, also called HDPE geomembrane or aquaculture pond liner, is the ideal geosnthetic product used in India to  control water quality which can affect the fish or shrimp health. HDPE pond liner is a kind of main anti-seepage material which is made of high-density polyethylene material and is made of (medium) high-density polyethylene resin as a waterproof barrier material. BPM Geomembrane is generally divided into smooth geomembrane HDPE linertextured geomembrane liner, composite geomembrane liner, etc.
BPM Pond liner India has high physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tear resistance and bursting. The product has high strength, good elongation performance, large deformation modulus, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and good anti-seepage performance. Within a certain range, properties may be varied to suit desired specifications for specific pond liners. The desired properties are usually determined after careful consideration of prevailing conditions under which the HDPE pond liner will be installed and operated.
HDPE Pond Liner supplier for Fish Farm
HDPE Pond liner India adopts new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and quicker, so the product cost is lower than the traditional waterproof material. The actual project using HDPE anti-seepage film has to save about 50% of the cost.
As water resources become scarcer, large-scale fish ponds are constructed of cement, which are too expensive and unstable, and are prone to water leakage. Traditional pond culture methods are no longer suitable for farmers. HDPE liner india has become a fish and shrimp culture. Primary choice. India has a huge market demand for cultured geomembranes. HDPE Pond liner India generally has a thickness of 0.35 mm or more, and most of them are 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.75 mm, 0.8 mm, and 1.0 mm.  Farmers in India like selecting HDPE pond liner for aquaculture and agriculture applications.
HDPE Pond Liner India for Fish Farm
Pond Liner India for Fish Farm
Our customer from India found the sales staff of our company through the introduction of other customers, he sent the size and detailed information of six fish ponds and asked for the HPDE pond liner India. He also required a comprehensive inspection. Based on years of experience, we recommend 0.75mm thick HDPE pond liner   to our customers. And according to the size of the customer’s fish pond, we calculated the number of use.
After that, we investigated the market situation of the customer and made analysis and comparison. Finally we promised competitive factory price in line with the customer’s requirements. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the price, but there were still questions about our quality. We sent the pond liner India sample to the customer, and we conducted comprehensive production follow-up work such as video shooting and thickness measurement in the production process according to the customer’s requirements. The customer finally chose to trust us and signed the contract.

Specifications of HDPE Pond Liner India for Fish Farm

  • Total quantity – 45000m2
  • Each roll size – 7m×100m
  • Rolls-64rolls
  • Thickness – 0.75mm
HDPE Pond Liner for Fish Farm

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